Single and Multi-Family Property Management

Renting your home is not an easy decision to reach, but there are many reasons people today make that decision. You may have always thought that when it was time to move, you would just sell your home.  In a tough real estate market, that may not always be the best option.  You have spent so much time and energy taking care of your home that you don’t want to lose all of the equity you have worked for. Or you may be someone who has inherited property that you would like to keep in the family, but don’t intend to immediately occupy the property yourself.

We, at Lanier Realty, are here to help make that decision easier.

Lanier Realty, Inc. provides high quality Property Management and Real Estate Services. As a family-owned and operated company serving Savannah and surrounding area property owners since 1976, Lanier Realty manages single and multi-family homes and property for local, out of state and out of the country homeowners. With over 35 years of combined real estate experience, Lanier Realty’s property management team is professional, prompt and courteous. No property is the same, and here at Lanier Realty we will work with you to determine the best price and best means of managing each individual property. 

The Process…

Advertising: We spend considerable effort advertising your property for maximize exposure. We market your property to over forty websites which help you reach beyond just the local market and allow you to reach potential tenants who are looking to move to the area. Methods include but aren’t limited to the Internet, Printed Ads, Flyers and Savannah Multi-List Service.

Tenant Screening: To help determine the right tenant for your property, Lanier Realty conducts a thorough applicant screening process. We take the guess work out of taking care of your home, as we have strict reviews in place to find you the best tenant possible. We gage if the tenant will be responsible and take care of the property by looking at Credit Reports, Current and Previous Employment and Income Verification, Current and Previous Rental History, Criminal Background Checks, Sex Offender Checks and Court Dockets.

Billing: Once an application has been approved by the Property Manager and the property owners, Lanier Realty will insure that rents, late fees, maintenance and other property related issues are taken care of. Our full time Accountant handles all rental payments and monthly disbursements to property owners. We manage your receivables and payables as if it were our own home.

Maintenance: Maintenance/Work Orders will always be communicated to the property owner prior to the work being done. No work will be done on a property without prior approval from property owner, unless it is an emergency or 48 hours has passed. We employ a full maintenance staff of over 20 to assist with any maintenance issues that arise. This means we can manage any necessary repairs and you can reap the benefits of lower repair costs!

To prove that we are your partner in renting and managing your home,

We don’t get paid until you get paid!  It's that simple! 

We don’t charge you for any advertising/marketing/procuring a tenant/lease preparation/move in until we find the right tenant for your home!

When owners choose Lanier Realty for their property management needs, they are confident our company will protect their investments, minimize vacancies, and maximize cash flows. Lanier Realty enables clients to focus on other important commitments.

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