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Karrie Henry

As you know we have been renting from you all at Lanier Realty for over four years.

I understand having a house, there is constant upkeep and there are unexpected issues that emerge. 

I just want to say that all the staff in your Maintenance Department did a fantastic job handling the tree removal and having the limbs removed that was hanging over the new neighbor’s house.

I have never seen such a quick response from anyone. I am a true believer that praise should be given when deserved. I commend the Maintenance Department for responding and taking control of the situation. They did an outstanding job to keep my neighbor happy.

Many thanks to Lanier Realty for making our rental experience a happy experience. It is hard to find a rental companies that stand behind their tenants.

Karrie Henry

Robin Horst

Thank you so much for the years of helping me with my property. Y'all have been truly spectacular in assisting me from the other side of the country. Your services have truly been impressive. Everyone on your staff have been very good to me.

John Findeis

I certainly appreciate the property management services provided by Lanier Realty.  You did an excellent job and made life a lot easier for me.
I can only give you my highest recommendation.


John Findeis

Lois Breger

Dear management,

I'm writing to express my appreciation for assistance I've received from Lanier Realty on numerous occasions. Their team is always professional, courteous, and goes out of their way to be helpful and resolve situations.

Best regards,

Lois Breger

Kris Strubell

I've lived at Andover Crossing for 5 years and wanted to praise the individuals who have maintained this property. In the heat of the day, in the pouring rain, no matter the conditions, they are pleasant and respectful. I have the the utmost respect for the property management team. You all should be proud. Thank You for your constant hard work.

Rick Sluder

In terms of customer service, hands down, awesome service. They have been VERY accommodating to my wacky work schedule and quick to respond to any issues. AC went out? Here are some window units while parts are on order etc. I have been a client for 5+ years and have nothing but positive feelings for Lanier. They do what they say on a reliable schedule and provide professional services. THIS is how you keep business.

Abby Slotin

Thank you for the great job you guys are doing. I have been very happy with the service and would highly recommend you.

Paulinah Bakri and Andrew Dama

We would like to first, thank you for the wonderful experience we have had in the Magnolia Gardens apartments!  During our stay, we have met such friendly and neighborly neighbors and enjoyed the conveniences of the quiet street in such a great location.  It has been very convenient and easy to get to and from Armstrong.

Joshua Peacock

From the moment I walked into the Lanier Realty office, I've was greeted with Excellent customer service and a Tenant focused business model. I was in a tough situation, fortunately, I found a place with Lanier pretty quickly, and the very kind ladies that work in the office did such a fantastic job of helping me. It was the easiest red-tape process I've had to go through.  It was nice to find people who actually cared about their job. My apartment was not only reasonably priced, but very nice. In my 30 years, three states, two countries, and thousands of hotels, a house and several apartments, this one has been my favorite living accommodations.  As I have fulfilled my one year lease, Lanier Realty even allows for flexibility on a month-to-month basis plan. At this moment I am unsure as to where I will be in the next few months, so this has made things very easy for me. Their dedication to superb customer service is admirable. Also, during my stay all of my maintenance requests have been filled quickly and efficiently. I would, and I have, recommended anyone to rent with Lanier. In my experience, their business model, attitude and approach exceeds expectations.

Shannon Doyle

Wow you guys are on top of things. I appreciate you and I'm really glad that I contracted your company.

Kevin McGinn

Thank you for your collective efforts in getting my investments performing as well as they can. I really feel like you have my back. I just wanted to convey my gratitude!  

Andrea Dyer

Thanks for helping us manage our home while we live out of state. You have taken the worry out of renting our home out to tenants. It has been a very nice and easy process. 

John and Mary Findeis

Thank you for the great job managing our property, we are well-pleased! 

Taylor Pate

My boyfriend and I recently signed a lease for an apartment that Lanier had available and our experience so far has been phenomenal. Everyone is very helpful and friendly. Your staff is very knowledgeable about the properties and always willing to help. They have made accomodations to work around our busy schedules. Lanier's team has been prompt to come and fix anything that needed to be done with outstanding, friendly attitudes. Thank you Lanier Realty, we are looking forward to renting our apartment from you over the next year.

Joe Lea

A couple of years ago, I went through a period where some of my properties needed repairs, upgrades, and prep work in order for them to be rented. It was an expensive proposition and I had my doubts, but I trusted you to get the work done and you were true to your word. I just wanted you to know that this has not gone unnoticed. I appreciate the value that you add to your property management service. You guys are always professional, and when the question comes up, yours is the name I recommend.

Thanks again for your patience with me and for your partnership in my investments.    

Tiffany Chapman

I was told in late July of 2011 that I had earned a promotion at work. I accepted, but then found out I only had 2 weeks to move myself, my husband, my cats and all of our belongings to Savannah, GA... A 600+ mile move. We searched for days, looking for a home we could afford that was in a neighborhood we recognized from our few trips to Savannah in previous years. Finally, I stumbled upon Lanier's website and looked through the listings. We found a beautiful home in quiet Bloomingdale that was ideal for us.We trusted Lanier to allow us to move in sight-unseen because the folks in the office made sure to provide additional photos, descriptions and more to assure we would be satisfied with the home. Satisfied doesn't begin to describe it. Lanier has been there for anything we've needed, even getting our A/C fixed in less than 24 hours last summer when we found out it was down just before our wedding. Thank you, Lanier, for making the last 2 years memorable by helping us find an ideal home to live in while we were in the Savannah area. We will always recommend you to anyone coming to the area.

Diane Seaver

Lanier has been incredibly responsive any time there has been a maintenance issue. After I found my maintenance emergency,  I was able to contact the after-hours maintenance crew, and by 8 o'clock the next morning I was contacted with a schedule of repairs, including when I could expected things to be cleaned-up. That same evening, I returned home to immaculate apartment and a well repaired issue. I was not only impressed by the responsiveness and quality of contracting, but also by the concern everyone expressed for my well being.

Ron Barksdale

I have been assisting my father in renting his townhouse for the last several years. He is on a fixed income, and in this economy, the rental income he receives is vital to his meeting his financial obligations each month. I was utilizing another Property Management Company in town, and had grown increasingly disappointed and frustrated with their lack of communication, professionalism, and service. To make matters worse, we lost our tenant a few months back, and the other company did virtually nothing to spiff the place up, and aggressively market the townhouse to get it rented again. I jumped at the opportunity to make a clean break, and go with Lanier Realty instead. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Immediately, Lanier Realty leapt into action, sending their crews out to deep clean the entire interior, overhaul the exterior, and take care of any other items that had been previously neglected. Lanier Realty and staff were in constant contact with me, via email, cell phone, text, etc., to make sure that I had everything taken care of to my satisfaction. They implemented an aggressive marketing plan to find a tenant. Well, within ONE WEEK of listing my dad's townhouse, Lanier Realty had obtained a renter!! I cannot thank them enough for their attention to detail, and their unwavering focus on our needs, and the urgency of finding a tenant. THANKS guys... you're the BEST! 

Yolanda Bacon

Dear Lanier Realty,

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. First, I experienced great service from the Manager at Andover Crossing. She worked with me to get in the apartment. I was not sure if I would be able to get in a apartment. Your Leasing Agent also helped me fill out the lease, when it was pushing toward closing on Friday evening. When I had to drive in from out of town from work. I have to say thank you, for the FIRST MONTH FREE. What a blessing because it gives you a chance to get your footing for the months to come. At least for me...it is the greatest help. I did not expect the two bedroom to be so nice, because I leased it sight unseen. I was pleasantly surprised. The flat rate water is also a blessing. So may you be blessed even more in return for giving your tenants the FIRST MONTH FREE. Have a great evening.

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